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Lighten up!The famous song” There is a light that never goes out” fits perfectly to the high-quality LEDs of Whizz Electric. These high performance and good capacity lighting are built conforming to the strictest standards set by the West. We exercise the use of the best material, production equipment, and testing equipment to give out the most Efficient Lighting Products there is to the world.

Besides this, our customers are greatly satisfied with the Energy Efficiency factor that our lighting products have to offer; since the customers will save funds not only in terms of reduced energy bills but also by not having to purchase the products time and time again due to the superior quality. Our products are specifically designed to replace the traditional energy savers and incandescent lamps with up to 80% more energy saving and less maintenance cost.

Whizz Electric is proud to supply the modern technology LED bulbs in the industry at affordable prices. The wide range of Led Products include LED Bulbs, LED Street Lights, Flood Lights, Down Lights, Smart Lights and much more. These modern lights come in fully enclosed fixtures in multiple colors, lumens and in maximum brightness unmatched to the former energy savers. The Whizz squad! Whizz Electric is a forward-thinking manufacturer, specializing in designing and producing customized LED products of the highest quality standard with unbeatable prices. This has been possible with our strong R&D team, professional staff , and advanced equipment enabling Whizz Electric to manage its products quality to the optimum level. With the most energetic and driven people, Whizz Electric targets its market in major cities of Pakistan and South Asian region, focusing on providing the most effective and energy saving LED products solution there is to offer. Whizz Electric USP! Our USP is simple. To empower our stakeholders with their customer’s lighting needs, this in turn enables them to enjoy vast benefits of LED lighting technology. Together, we can make a brighter and greener world.